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India Poker Pros

India Poker Pros is dedicated to creating world class poker events in India, as well as to nurturing Indian poker talent. India Poker Pros will host poker events in South Asia, and will create a platform for poker players in this region to come together and develop their game. It will bring a global game to India, and build local talent to be as good as the best in the world.

In 2007, sitting in his Mumbai flat, surfing through Facebook on his computer, Vikram Verma discovered Zynga Poker and fell in love. Vikram, a model, actor and entrepreneur, had always been a fan of card games -- but poker, he soon discovered, was a class apart from other card games. It did not just involve luck, as many card games do, but the management of luck, which required great skill. It involved maths, game theory and, most importantly, psychology. This people aspect of the game fascinated Vikram but there was only so much of that you could get from Zynga Poker.

At the end of that year, Vikram went to Goa to celebrate the New Year, and heard about a new floating casino that had just opened there. He heard they had poker tables, and rushed forth to see for himself. He got his first taste of truly competitive live poker there but it was early days, and the players would struggle to fill up a table. Nevertheless, Vikram was hooked, and starting travelling to Goa every month.

India Poker Pros emerged from this scene. Vikram wants to promote this game in India not as a form of gambling, but as a clean, healthy, competitive sport, which places an emphasis on mental skills. He wants to build a platform on which poker enthusiasts like himself can take their game to the next level, and one day, enter the world stage with poise and confidence. India Poker Pros plans to host region-wide tournaments on an unprecedented scale, and also to build a community of poker lovers -- a community that did not exist in India when Vikram first fell in love with the game.

Indians have always loved their card games -- our epics, like the Mahabharata, contain mentions of it. Now, in a modern age, India Poker Pros aims to spread the greatest of all card games in this oldest of civilizations. Things have come full circle, and if you are an Indian poker player, you have found a home in India Poker Pros and a friend in Vikram.


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