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    Live Reporting - PokerGuru Tour Season 2 March, 2012 - 50K Freezeout 6-Max High Rollers

    Ankit Bhartia ships the INR 50K High Rollers

    Time: 07:19:00
    Blinds: 8000/16000
    Ante: 2000
    Level: 17

    Ankit Bhartia had a commanding chiplead on the final table and he put it to good use eliminating several players on his way to the title. In the final hand of the tournament, we saw Ankit move allin from the button for 800K, Melwin Lawrence in big blind calls and is the player at risk.




    The flop came , Ankit moves ahead with his pair of sixes.

    The turn is , Melwin needs a Ten or a Spade to stay alive in the tournament but the river opens to end Melwin`s tournment run.

    Melwin heads home INR 600,000 richer and the High Roller Champion- Ankit Bhartia receives a whooping 10,00,000 INR for his 1st place finish.

    That`s it from us here from PGT March Edition. We will be back with more poker action in the May Edition which will be held from May 10th-13th at Casino Royale (Goa). Tournament details will be put up shortly!

    Abhishek Goindi is eliminated in 3rd place

    Time: 06:30:00
    Blinds: 6000/12000
    Ante: 1000
    Level: 16

    MPC Red Dragon Main Event runner-up Abhishek Goindi`s deep run in the PGT High Roller`s is over and he exit`s in 3rd place.

    Action: Abhishek moves all-in from the button and Ankit Bhartia calls and we head to a showdown.

    Abhishek Goindi vs Ankit Bhartia

    The pocket rockets hold on the board of and we lose Abhishek in 3rd place. Abhishek pockets INR 3.5 Lacs for his 3rd place finish.  

    We are now heads-up for the title between Lawrence Melwin and Ankit Bhartia with Ankit in the driver`s seat at the moment.


    Ankit Bhartia 1,030,000

    Lawrence Melwin 350,000

    Jasven busted

    Time: 06:18:00
    Blinds: 5000/10000
    Ante: 1000
    Level: 15

    Jasven Saigal from the button moves allin for 132K, Melwin Lawrence in big blind calls.



    The cards went , Melwin's pockets hold to knock out Jasven in 4th place from tonight`s proceedings. He takes home INR 200,000 in prizemoney.  

    Rajeev is busted

    Time: 05:56:00
    Blinds: 5000/10000
    Ante: 1000
    Level: 15

    Rajeev Kanjani moves allin and Ankit Bhartia calls. Rajeev's are up against Ankit's

    The cards open , Ankit flops a pair of Aces to eliminate Rajeev in 5th place for an INR 150,000 payday. 

    Melwin Doubles up

    Time: 05:48:00
    Blinds: 4000/8000
    Ante: 1000
    Level: 14

    Melwin Lawrence on the button opens to 23000, Abhishek Goindi in small blind calls.

    The flop is , Melwin bets 23K, Abhishek calls.

    The turn is , Abhishek checks, Melwin bets 63K, Abhishek raises it to 126K, Melwin moves allin for 136K, Abhishek calls.

    Melwin for two pairs.

    Abhishek .

    The river card is and Melwin doubles up. 

    Shravan places 6th

    Time: 05:29:00
    Blinds: 4000/8000
    Ante: 1000
    Level: 14

    Ankit Bhartia opens to 22K, Shravan Chhabria moves allin and Ankit calls.



    The cards went , Ankit rivers trips and eliminates Shravan in 6th place.

    The players have made a deal which entailed insuring the bubble , so Shravan though the bubble boy gets his buy-in back!  

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Activity Feed
    • 50K Freezeout 6-Max High Rollers
       Entrants: 46
       Player Left:: 1
       Venue: Royale Card Room
    Casino Royale, Goa
       Buy-In: 50000
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