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    Nelson Mouse

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    rohit bhalla
    Rohit Bhalla
    2 yrs, Male

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    sailes lohia
    Sailesh lohia
    34 yrs, Male

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    Live Reporting - Chapter 1 - 15K Freezeout

    IPS Chapter 1 Event 3 report

    Time: 00:00:00

    The excitement at IPS Chapter 1 continued in event 3. The 15k event had 41 participants and we saw many final table finishers from the previous 2 events in attendance.

    It took more than 4 hours of play for the field to be narrowed to the final table and as expected many good players made the cut. Worthy of mention here are Ambar Prasad and Anant Bhandari both of whom have made previous final table finishes. Ambar was runners up in Event 1 while Anant finished 9th in Event 2. The starting chip counts in event 3 final table were as follows:

    Player Chip Count
    Rajesh Goyal 100300
    Ramandeep Gujral 92000
    Priyanka Kakkar 45700
    Anant Bhandari 38500
    Rohit Bhalla 38500
    Sailesh Lohia 31300
    Sajjad Meherally 26500
    Ambar Prasad 20600
    Prabhkaran Singh Lalli 16600



    We were particularly impressed by Prabhkaran who though being short stacked made several clever moves to outlive 2 eliminations and finished 7th. Goa pro Ambar finished 5th missing another chance to win an IPS title.

    The duel for the top 3 positions lasted over an hour and the Final 3 positions were taken by Rohit Bhalla,Prabhkaran Singh Lalli and Rajesh Goyal who finished in that order. The prize money distribution was :

    Finishing Position Position Cash
    1. Rohit Bhalla 1st Position 245000
    2. Prabhkaran Singh Lalli 2nd Position 145000
    3. Rajesh Goyal 3rd Position 95000
    4. Ramandeep Gujral 4th Position 48500
    5. Ambar Prasad 5th Position 15000
    6. Anant Bhandari 6th Position 5000


    Activity Feed
    • 15K Freezeout
       Entrants: 41
       Player Left:: 0
       Venue: Casino Royale, Goa
    Casino Royale, Goa
       Buy-In: 15000
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