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    difference between live n online poker....

    hi all,

    this is shravya...m a newbie at poker...i just play poker on fb n m reading 'winning low limit holdem' by lee jones...from what i understand most of the books and info on websites deal with live poker....do these strategies work even for online poker tournaments?? any good resources or books for online tournaments ?? plz help


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    Well a lot of the strategies remain same for both live and online but many factors and variables are different which create the difference. These are hard to generalize and depend upon the stakes you are playing, cash or tournies among other things!

    I recommend you check out the 3 part video series on low limit SNG`s. Visit the Video section for all videos. Books by Doyle Brunson (Super System) and Dan Harrington are my recommendations! Good Luck and let us know how it goes

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    Well Firstly, you are reading a book on Limit Hold'em .. imo, that game is as good as dead.. so dont waste your time with that... read Harrington on Hold'em to get your basics right for tourneys.. Supersystem is good for cash game basics and advanced strat... Read hands that are discussed in the forums.. thats the best way to stay up-to-date..

    The main Difference b/w live and online is simply the fact that you can play way more many hands online in the same amount of time.. since you play way more hands online, you can afford to exploit even small/marginal edges that you have, and hence game becomes more mathematical. In live games things like player profile , tells , etc come into play, which is not there online (in a general sense)... I think playing online initially helps you get the basics right, cause you just deal with things like Position , stack sizes etc, which are very imp..

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    thanx a lottt techdemo and $$TtotheMFingROLL$$ ..... its really nyc to hav an active forum fr poker

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    It would be nice to be able to start with online poker just so you will have a great idea of how it is to actually play the game but it would be a lot different with how you are going to play live because it plays with your mind and a totally different experience when put together.

    The basics are still there and it follows a careful set of rules but an added factor of deducing what others are trying to exude is equally as important.

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