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    WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star: Bryce Yockey leads the pack

    WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star: Bryce Yockey leads the pack
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    Posted on Tuesday, March 06, 2012 by "T".
    World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star is back once again and already the first day of the main event has come to an end. A total of 142 players signed up for Day 1a, and after several hours of play, 54 players remained.

    Bryce Yockey (picture together with tournament director Matt Savage) ended the day as the chip leader with 245k. Apart from having the lead, Yockey has already earned $15,000 in this event thanks to the chip leader bonus and a Shooting Star bounty. Yockey sent Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel to the rail late in the day to add to his growing stack.

    However, a few Shooting Stars still made it through Day 1a: Vanessa Selbst (125,400), Jontahan Duhamel (102.200) and Mike Matusow (83,800).

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    The second starting day of WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star attracted a field of 222 players. The day ended with Christ Summers as chip leader (188,000) and Taylor von Kriegenbergh in second place with 181,300. Summers and Kriegenbergh played outstanding poker throughout the day and it will be interesting to follow theme during Day 2.

    Players with a bounty on their heads who made it through Day 1b were JC Tran, Allen Cunningham, ElkY, Men Nguyen, Antonio Esfandiari, Jason Mercier, David Williams, Linda Johnson, Fabrice Mercier, Nam Le, Chau Giang, and Marvin Rettenmaier

    In total, 150 of 364 players will return today and continue the road towards the final table. The bubble will burst when 36 players remain - all will be guaranteed at least $16k each. The winner of the tournament get fantastic $960,900 and the runner-up $570,000.

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    WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star: Scott Baumstein leads the final 20

    he $10.000 buy-in WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event is moving to its final stages, and with only twenty players left in the tournament, there are just two bounties remaining.

    Scott Baumstein ended the day 2 on top with 1,301,000 chips, and players like Andrew Badecker and Moon Kim are also in the seven-figure territory with 1,106,000 and 1,016,000 respectively.

    The two remaining Shooting Stars with $5,000 bounties on their heads, are Jonathan Duhamel (751,000) and JC Tran (145,000).

    Final 20 players:

    Scott Baumstein 1,301,000
    Andrew Badecker 1,106,000
    Moon Kim 1,016,000
    Joseph Elpayaa 861,000
    Erik Cajelais 807,000
    Jonathan Duhamel 751,000
    Taylor von Kriegenbergh 737,000
    Joe Serock 647,000
    Average Chipcount: 546,000
    Mike McClain 537,000
    Danny Le 443,000
    Amir Lehavot 376,000
    Ubaid Habib 365,000
    Michal Wywrot 336,000
    Adam Geyer 296,000
    Brandon Wong 286,000
    Steven Michaelis 275,000
    Marko Trapani Jr 257,000
    Tu Dinh 223,000
    JC Tran 145,000
    Amir Khaziri 103,000

    Payout structure:

    1 $960,900
    2 $570,200
    3 $320,400
    4 $256,300
    5 $192,300
    6 $128,200
    7 - 8 $64,000
    9 - 10 $41,600
    11 - 12 $32,030
    13 - 18 $25,620
    19 - 24 $22,420

    Some notable names that busted out at the end of day 2 and just made it to the money, were Allen Cunningham ($19.200), Jason Mercier ($19.200) and Josh Arieh ($22.420).

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    Erik Cajelais leads the final six at WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star

    After four days of play (if you include both Day 1a and 1b), the $10.000 buy-in World Poker Tour's Bay 101 Shooting Star main event is down to a final table of six.

    Erik Cajelais, from Canada, will start the final table today as a chip leader with a hefty 3,6 million stack - which is about 1,3 million more than Ubaid Habib in second place.

    Cajelais has earned over $2,3 million from live-tournaments so far, and will be looking to improve his already impressive results.

    Erik Cajelais

    Here is a look at the official chip counts and seat assignments for the final table:

    Seat 1: Joe Elpayaa - 908,000 (95 BBs)
    Seat 2: Joe Serock - 952,000 (98 BBs)
    Seat 3: Moon Kim - 2,098,000 (105 BBs)
    Seat 4: Ubaid Habib - 2,274,000 (114 BBs)
    Seat 5: Erik Cajelais - 3,640,000 (182 BBs)
    Seat 6: Andrew Badecker - 1,040,000 (52 BBs)

    As you can see the last two remaining Shooting Stars, Jonathan Duhamel and JC Tran didn't make it to the final table. Duhamel finished eventually in 13th place ($25,620) and Tran in 16th place ($25,620).

    All of the remaining players have guaranteed at least $128,200 for making it to the final six, while the winner will take home almost a cool million dollars ($960,900).


    1 $960,900
    2 $570,200
    3 $320,400
    4 $256,300
    5 $192,300
    6 $128,200

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    Moon Kim Wins the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star and $960,900

    New champion has been crowned in the popular WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament. Moon Kim outlasted Ubaid Habib in the Heads-Up play to claim the title this year.

    The final hand saw Moon Kim min-raise to 240,000, and Ubaid Habib call. The flop came 942, Habib checked, Kim bet 300,000, and Habib check-raised to 900,000.

    After that, Kim immediately stood up and pushed all his chips in the middle.

    Habib called with Q9 while Kim turned over J7, turn was the A, and the river 8, giving Kim the Jack-high flush to win the tournament.

    This was clearly the biggest live tournament win for Moon Kim, who had earned just under $160.000 from live-tournaments before this win.

    In addition to the $960,900 first place prize, Kim got a $25,500 entry into the season-ending WPT World Championship, a WPT Champions Trophy and his name engraved into the WPT Champions Cup.

    It should also be mentioned, that Kim collected one $5.000 Shooting Star bounty by busting Nam Le on Day 2.

    WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event Final Results (players 364, buy-in $10.000):

    Moon Kim

    1st: Moon Kim - $960,900
    2nd: Ubaid Habib - $570,200
    3rd: Joe Serock - $320,400
    4th: Erik Cajelais - $256,300
    5th: Andrew Badecker - $192,300
    6th: Joseph Elpayaa - $128,200

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