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    PokerGuru Tour Season 2 March Event Schedule

    The 2nd leg of PokerGuru Tour Season 2 will be held from 15th-18th March onboard Casino Royale (Goa) and will once again be Rake Free with PokerGuru giving out at least 100% payouts for all events along with Silver Trophies to all winners and a special prize to the High Roller`s Event winner. “We want to offer players the best value along with a great structured tournament series. It will be our endeavour at PokerGuru to constantly keep improving, keeping our player`s interest a priority” commented Rohit Bhalla - Director of PokerGuru on announcing the PGT Season 2 Schedule.

    All players coming to play the PokerGuru Tour March Event are requested to fill up the Online Registration form to ensure your name is on the Casino Guest List and entry fees of INR 3,500 is waived for the entry to Casino Royale on tournament days. Kindly fill up the form only once. In case of any clarifications email us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9332320067.

    Complete Schedule of PokerGuru Tour Season 2 March Event:

    PGT Season 2 will feature 6 events spread through the year culminating with the Season finale in December. All 6 events will award points towards a whopping INR 12 LACS POY (Player of the Year) which will be paid out to the top 10 players on the PGT Season 2 Leaderboard. For more information on the POY click here.

    PGT Season 2 Schedule:

    February 9th-12th

    March 15th- 18th

    May 10th-13th

    July 26th- 29th

    October 25th-28th

    December 13th-16th

    In addition to the 6-featured events, PGT will host an additional 4 special events in 2012!

    ** There will be live satellites for entry to each event starting at 5pm held at Casino Royale (Goa).
    ***Online Satellites will be announced shortly.

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    Here is your chance to win a seat to play at the PokerGuru Tour Season 2 March Edition on 888 Poker.

    PGT Season 2 has a POY of INR 12 Lacs to be paid to the top 10 players. For more details and to register for the PGT March Event click here.

    How to Enter:

    1. Members will need an 888 Account to enter this promotion. If you do not have an 888 account you can get one here.

    2. PGT Value-Added Satellite will be held on 4th March and 11th March at 10pm (IST).

    3. Locate the Tournaments under “All Games” – “Tournaments” – “Restricted” in the 888 Lobby.

    Refer Screenshot:

    Note: This promotion is open to INDIAN players ONLY.

    Each Satellite offers a chance to win tournament tickets to PokerGuru Tour Season 2 March Edition.

    Payout Structure:
    5 - Tournament Ticket of 5K - Pays 1 Place
    10 - Tournament Ticket of 10K - Pays 1 Place
    15 – Tournament Tickets of 10K and 5K each - Pays 2 Places
    20 - Tournament Tickets of 15K and 5K each - Pays 2 Places
    25 - Tournament Tickets 15K and 10K each - Pays 2 Places
    30 - Tournament Tickets of 15K, 10K and 5K - Pays 3 Places
    35 - Tournament Tickets of 15K, 1 of 10K and 2 of 5K - Pays 4 Places
    40 - Tournament Tickets of 15K, 2 of 10K and 1 of 5K - Pays 4 Places
    45 - Tournament Tickets of 15K, 2 of 10K, and 2 of 5K - Pays 5 Places
    50 - Tournament Tickets of 15K, 2 of 10K and 3 of 5K - Pays 6 Places
    55 - Tournament Tickets of 15K, 3 of 10K and 2 of 5K - Pays 6 Places

    In case of intermittent number of participants the extra amount in the prizepool will be awarded to the next place finisher. E.G In case of 43 participants, the additional (~Rs3k) in tickets will be awarded to the 5th place finisher.

    *Tournament Tickets can be used in any event at PGT Season 2 March Event
    ** Tournament Tickets cannot be redeemed for Cash and are non transferrable

    Special Bonus: All satellite winners will be invited to an exclusive 'greet and meet' session with the PokerGuru Team Mentors on 15th March at 8pm followed by a 30 mins Q& A and coaching session!

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    The PGT Season 2 Leaderboard points have been updated. For the complete rankings visit the PokerGuru Tour page.

    The PGT Leaderboard point system is explained here.

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    Will be their for March event also..Hopefully will not get crushed on cash game tables this time...Lol
    No doubt PGT is the best tourney so far i have played in India. Will try to participate in all episodes of season 2.
    in the poker game of life, women are the rake

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    Sweet...look forward to following your progress in the Live Updates

    Good Luck!

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    Rajnish Kumar wins Event 1 and takes home INR 160,000

    A record-breaking 94 players entered the INR 5,000 Freeze-out event of the PokerGuru Tour March edition in Casino Royale, Goa, resulting in a prize pool of INR 470,000 (100% Payouts). Almost all notables from the Indian poker scene were present, including MPC Red Dragon Runner-up Abhishek Goindi, PGT February Main Event Champion Vinay Suchede and PokerGuru Team Mentors Aditya 'intervention' Agarwal, Ramandeep Gujral and Rohit Bhalla.

    The payouts for this event were as following:

    1st place - INR 160,000 and the Poker Guru silver trophy.
    2nd place - INR 85,000
    3rd place - INR 60,000
    4th place - INR 45,000
    5th place - INR 35,000
    6th place - INR 26,000
    7th place - INR 21,000
    8th place - INR 16,000
    9th place - INR 12,000
    10th place - INR 10,000.

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    Karan Jain is the PGT 12k Bounty Champion and wins INR 3 Lacs

    Event 2 of the PokerGuru Tour March edition was the INR 12,000 Bounty Freeze-out Tournament and a grand total of 79 players showed up at the poker room of Casino Royale, crushing the INR 3 Lac guaranteed prize pool by more than double its amount. The starting stack was 7500 with blinds moving up every 30 minutes and INR 2,000 was awarded for every knockout with INR 10,000 going into the tournament prizepool.

    Complete Payouts of PGT March Event 2: 12K Bounty
    1st - Karan Jain - INR 300,000 + Silver Trophy
    2nd - Prabhat Mukherjea - INR 165,000
    3rd - Nitish Gupta - INR 110,000
    4th - Terry Canada - INR 80,000
    5th - Jasven Saigal - INR 55,000
    6th - Kenneth Sequeira - INR 35,000
    7th - Siddharth Singhvi - INR 25,000
    8th - Dyuthidhar.S - INR 20,000

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    Dushyant Singh Shekhawat is the PGT March Edition Champion

    A grand total of 72 players made it to the poker room in Casino Royale, Goa, to play in the INR 25,000 Main Event of the PokerGuru Tour March edition.This made for a prize pool of INR 18,00,000, with the top eight players receiving prize money. At stake were also points for the 12 Lac Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard and a silver trophy for the winner.

    The deep stacked structure of the Main Event, namely a starting stack of 15,000 chips with 30 minute blind levels, allowed the skill element of poker to become visible, and we did witness some interesting hands. On Saturday the tournament was played down to the money, with the last 8 players returning the next day to battle it out on the felt.
    After a few hours of play Event 2 Runner-up Prabhat Mukherjea, Bharat Naidu and PokerGuru Pro Kunal Chandra emerged as the chipleaders. Their position wasn't held that long as play progressed towards the last two tables. Arjun Pasricha and Team Mentors Aditya 'intervention' Agarwal and Rohit Bhalla then took over, only to be eliminated from the tournament shortly thereafter.

    Main Event Results
    1st – Dushyant Singh Shekhawat - INR 700,000 + Silver Trophy

    2nd - Leo - INR 400,000

    3rd – Dhaval Mudgal - INR 250,000

    4th – Olli Wirrkunen INR 155,000

    5th – Manoj Singh - INR 110,000

    6th – Karan Jain - INR 80,000

    7th – Priyanka - INR 60,000

    8th - Lawrence Melwin - INR 45,000

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    Ankit Bhartia ships PGT High Rollers for an INR 1 Million payday

    The PGT High Roller 6-Max Tournament witnessed 46 players taking to the felt crushing the prizepool guarantees. The tournament saw sevaral regulars in attendance alonside the PokerGuru Pro Team, however all Team Pros were left stranded before the final table, with Aditya 'Mastermind' Agarwal finishing best in 10th place. In fact Team Pro Amit Varma was the 1st player to be eliminated and went out after getting coolered by an over set by Mastermind.

    Early action had Anto Periera striking with Pocket Aces on 2 occasions in quick succession. Abhishek Goindi (MPC Red Dragon runner-up) too was looking in great shape with an early chiplead which saw him through till the final table which he started 3rd in chips behind Ankit Bhartia and Shravan Chhabria.

    PokerGuru Tour March Edition High Rollers Final Results
    1st - Ankit Bhartia - INR 10 Lacs (Special Prize: Tissot One Touch Watch)
    2nd - Melwin Lawrence - INR 6 Lacs
    3rd - Abhishek Goindi - INR 3.5 Lacs
    4th - Jasven Saigal - INR 2 Lacs
    5th - Rajeev Kanjani - INR 1.5 Lacs

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