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Playing the Game.

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Hey everyone. My name is Nadeem Basha. I am 28 and this is my 1st blog. I have been playing poker full time since 2013 now.

I belong from a middle class muslim background where poker is forbidden to play.
Worked in our family business for almost 2 years. One thing i noticed in this span of time is that i was never interested or too keen to learn our business. Something was off. Something missing. I wasnt passionate about what i was doing. U gotta be passionate about what u do and i wasnt there yet.
That is when i found zynga poker on Facebook. Yes, like most of us, i started playing on zynga initially. I was hooked onto it right from that moment. I started playing live cash games at 500inr buyin. I admit i was really bad at it back then. But i learnt as time went by. I play full time now.

I remember this one time a few years ago when my grandma was in the hospital and we needed some funds for her surgery. I won 40k on a 2.5k buy in table that night. That was a lot of money for me back then and it helped us for her surgery. It was a confidence booster for me. I never looked back since then.

And then i met Ratul steves(acejack pro) and Sushi (aditya sushant)a few years ago and they gave me a lot of input about the game.
Sushi has always been there to point my errors out. He is by far one the most genuine person i have met in the circuit. And truly a boss.

I had a setback last year and decided to join Acejack to improvise on my game. I joined in dec last year. Not before long i got back on track thanks to acejack and team. I have been putting more volume online too now.

I am passionate about poker. I have never put so much of my time ever in any other work. Simply because in poker there is so much more to observe and relate. So many players with different expectations and their emotions coming right out as the game goes on.People tilting on the table. It fascinates me how One shows his personality and nature when he plays live on the cash table. I have seen players expressing all their emotions right on the table. Anger, excitement, frustration and the RUSH!
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