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Ashish Munot


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Who ever thought a typical Marwari guy hailing from a Business background would step into the UNKNOWN waters of the Poker World. I was a student of Engineering when I stepped into Poker for recreation. Little did I know then it would become my passion.

The starting years were purely recreational. And as my love for Poker kept increasing I started playing live and online.

Soon I joined ace jack where I primarily started playing cash games . My biggest inspiration in my starting years was Donkab0mber and I always looked up to him. I had moved on to serious poker by now.

I had a realisation now. That i wanted to play professionally. it was not just a stress buster for me but also a passion. My decision to play professionally met with a lot of Tiffs at home and finally i emerged a winner. I convinced my folks and started playing majorly tournaments last year. And 2017 was a good year for me with a few good tournament scores.

Ace -jack along with Donkab0mber have been a integral part in my poker journey and probably it's because of these two I am able to play poker professionally.

I'm happy to announce that Donkab0mber has recently started coaching me for cash games so the future looks pretty bright for me. Learning from one of the best players in the country is definitely an added advantage.

My journey has become more interesting as I have also been selected by the up- Indians in the second edition of match - ipl which is going to take place on the 31st march this month .

My Poker journey has been and is continuing to be interesting. And as they say the journey is more important than the destination.

so until later

Signing off
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