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Annihilated by variance in main event to our first live title in bounty event [part1]

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Hello fellow poker buddies. This is my first blog on pokerguru and I'm very much excited to share my journey to winning my first live title. It happened at the inaugural edition of 2018 DELTIN POKER TOURNAMENT where we binked one of the side event i.e. Bounty event.

DPT being India's only major live tournament series attracted crowd in massive numbers as usual. We had been doing pretty good off lately at online MTT's so we were really pepped up for this series.

It all started on Day 1B of the main event. We had a pretty soft starting table as we did not have much notable faces apart from Anubhav Adalka and Pratik Kumar on our table which helped us to easily chip up in the early levels of the tourney. As the tournament progressed we saw people being eliminated of the tournament and some notable faces coming to our table. Soon we had few tourney regs namely Dhaval Mudgal aka Dirty (whose game I really admire) & Sanjay Taneja on our table. Dirty being the amazing energetic person he is changed the persona of the table with his aura. He indulged every player on the table in conversation with him and soon it was all about him. He was doing pretty good but just before the dinner break a hand happened where he was the BB, a player opened from button, SB called and he had both the opponents covered where he jammed for effective 30BB. The initial raiser folded but the amateur in the SB called off for his tourney life with 66's and flops a set of 66's making him drawing dead to runner runner spades. He was left short stacked after this hand and was soon eliminated when he shoved his last 8 bb's with 22's and we woke up with 99's. The board bricked out and our 99's held. Dirty shook hands with me and left and the dealer announced seat open. The tournament director took the seating card and soon balanced our table. My dear friend Arjjun (Rohan) Singh a cash game specialist, joined us on my left seat and the player who took Dirty's seat was none other than Aditya Sushant aka Donkabomber India's only Gold Bracelet winner. I guess every player was intimidated to see him on our table because of the calibre he holds and he very well proved it where he took down the biggest pot of the night in the last level of the day's play and took full double up from Ankit Takle. They both had huge stacks but Ankit had Sushi covered by 3bb's. Sushi opened from late position and Ankit defended his BB. Flop comes K 8 6 all diamonds and Ankit donk bets in to Sushi. Sushi re raised to 3.3x of the flop bet and Ankit called. Turn was a brick and Ankit check called. River the K paired up and Ankit again led out on the river and Sushi shoves. Ankit tanks for less than a minute and called off and flipped his hand showing K Jo. Sushi flipped over 88's and took down massive pot. Me and Arjjun Singh just kept discussing all the hands Donka played and the brilliant execution of the play. Soon Day 1B ended and I was all excited to make it to Day 2 of the Main Event with a above average stack.

Day 2 began and tables had been re shuffled but we still had the Aditya Sushant on our table so we had to proceed cautiously. We took our first double up just before the 1st break AQo >> KQss. UTG open shoved for 12bb and we had similar stack and we re shoved for 15bb. Though he was 30:70 under dog but it was a monster flop for my opponent as the flop was Q J 9 two diamonds giving him pair gutty straight flush draw but turn and river bricked and we dodged the bullet and doubled up. After the break we were card dead for almost 2 hours and we just got blinded off from 30bb stack to 12bb stack nearing money bubble. Soon after the money bubble burst final 3 tables were left and tables were re shuffled. We joined new table and started chipping up again. We won 3 hands in quick succession without any of the hands going to show down. Then happened the major hand which just shattered our dream in the main event. Action went player from late position open shoving for 17bb and button flatting his shove. To our excitement we picked up KK in the BB. We re jam for 21bb and button calls off. Initial shove showed A6o and button showed KJo. We said its a perfect scenario for us and flop came J 7 3 rainbow. But the turn was disastrous for us bringing A and crippling us to 7bb.

Our main event journey came to and end when we busted 17th as we shoved final 6bb with 88's and getting called by A 9 and clipping an A on river. We were devastated for our major hand not holding up at the crucial stage of the tournament. We were happy because we knew we made no mistake in our game play which helped us run deep enough to final 2 tables of the tourney and yet sad too for not being able to make it till the end.

As I got off from my chair, I was stuck in dilemma if that A wouldn't have come on the turn we would have a healthy 55-60bb stack yet we walk away from the table but little did we know destiny had different plans for us that night. I was just sitting alone trying to cope up with the harsh reality, I heard Roshan making an announcement last level for registration going on for the bounty tournament. As soon as I heard the announcement I rushed to the registration counter and registered for the BOUNTY EVENT and very little I knew what was about to happen NEXTTTTTT.......................................

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of my blog and could correlate to your similar experience. Will share my journey to title in PART 2!!! Until tell may the flop be you.

Peace Out.
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