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The One With The Introduction

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Hey guys ! Its my first blog in PokerGuru, so let me start with my introduction.
I am Ratul Steves from chennai. I have been playing poker since 2012. I started playing poker in Delhi with my school friends, and eventually it became a hobby after moving back to chennai continuing the game while i was graduating.

Soon i met few people who introduced me to playing poker at a better level. I got into cash games and started my progress there on. I enjoyed the game for the next 3 years and my interest grew exponentially.

Finally in 2015, I was confident enough to make it as my profession. Then i slowly moved to playing tournaments. Thats when i met Aditya Sushant, who has helped me with my game throughout and watched and guided me in the right path. My first major score came in 2016 where i won 'HOT109' in Pokerstars for 18k USD ! Then followed many scores in online tournaments. I have been playing since then and have had substantial trajectory.

In 2017, i was drafted in pro players for the first ever Poker Sports League(PSL). I was picked by Abishek Goindi for Punjab Bluffers for the PSL season 1 ! That experience was priceless. And then, I joined AceJack which is a poker stable. I have been working and learning with them since then.
Im glad to be in the stable as it makes Poker way more interesting for me because i get to collaborate with a great team of smart minds; its been almost a year with them now ! Feels good to work with a great team, more than that its like a big family.

signing off now..
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