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Vikram Singh

The Indian Poker Scene Part 2

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In my last article I gave my opinion on the India facing Poker sites. I still stand by that opinion and yes after winning a few more tournaments on those sites I am here to suck it up to my own hypocrisy.

On the contrary, N to the O. To be honest you just need to compare the TOC of Pokerstars with any random Indian website and all you'd have done is go about the 'not-so-entertaining' smacked with legal jargon 'small print squinted eyes' manner of arriving at the same conclusion to the premise that I did. Mine or your subjective opinion may differ on whether it is good or bad for Poker in India, but personal opinion is a value judgement laced with inherent bias. 'Objectively' is a hard way to think.

Personally, some ethical issues ranging from the fact that you cannot see no. of re-buys, re-entries in the lobby per person, as in, which player is making how many re-buys, affects not only how I assign ranges on them, it lacks certain moral values.
It opens the site to being reprehensible instead of irreproachable. Sites should aim to be scrupulous, transparent and above all to be free from conflict of interest when it comes to backing players that play on their platform. Who is and isn't allowed to play on their sites when it comes to their organisation hierarchy.

It will only help promote a measure of confidence within their consumers and above all - 'Sportify' Poker.

In Soccer or Cricket or any sport, you get bare stats on yellow cards, fouls committed, which ball of the over it is, in tennis - unforced errors, baseline vs volley statistics, none of which affect the result of the game in the short but do so in the long run.

However, this does not dissuade an amateur from trying their luck at a league or just enjoy the excitement of the product.

I want Poker to grow, of course I do, and I am not attacking these websites but if India wants to become a country with fully legalised gaming, the industry needs to not only show that Poker is a strategic game, and play on the fact that luck and risk is something that is present in not only Sports but in basically every legitimised aspect of the economy but even the way we live our lives.

Take a shot of tequila next time a cricket commentator uses phrases like it was luck, are unlucky took a gamble, should have gambled, it's risky as well as words like strategic a better player and you will be tipsy before the first over is complete.

If Multi-table tournaments are a matter of Investment, at least show the investment each player makes before we calculate the returns. Above all else, it was the scandals in early online Poker that had an affect on why Poker was so easily banned in the United States.

If the community does not call for these measures, I am afraid it is only a matter of time before something like what happened in the US will tarnish the fledgling Poker brand in India forever.
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