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Vikram Singh

5 Step Exploitative Strategy to make Money via Poker

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Here are the steps:
  1. Open a Poker site in India
  2. Fill your schedule with rebuys and re-entires
  3. Have massive weekly tournaments with huge guarantees (and rebuys)
  4. Call a tournament 'Deepstack' that ends faster than some turbos on competitive sites like Stars
  5. Back players on your own site
  6. Why stop at 5 steps, go on and play on your site. Nothing remotely ethically wrong with that

Yesterday I was playing one of the SSS events on Spartan and although I had some knowledge, later confirmed that the player to my left was a renowned Indian Poker Pro.

He took a very high variance line which is -EV in the long run as apposed to seeing a flop vs a hand that crushes a SB limp range in pure dealt probabilities.

I thought that it was an epic punt since he called my 150bb+ shove, but after a few hours, I came to realise why this play wasn't as -EV for this reg as I had previously thought.

He will rebuy and rebuy and rebuy and it doesn't matter if he needed to rebuy in that tournament, across a couple hundred tournaments being a B- vs the average field he will rebuy enough times to show a decent profit.

Even when recreational players rebuy 5-6 times, one of those stacks is going to go on a heater and here we complaint about the gov'ment man not sure whether to consider Poker a skill game or not.

Frankly, I am asking myself the same.

What this structure leads to is gambling.

You are up against multiple ranges where monster pre flop hands go into the flop as underdogs. Players who want to learn will either fall into the category of the rebuy friendly bink a score here bink one there or players who want to enjoy a game they love; certain that there is a decent level of integrity in the investment their making.

Indian player pool knowledge and growth will be stunted with these glorified tournaments with big guarantees, small player pool big guarantees and bigger rebuys and re-entries.

There are random events occurring quite the number of times and when a lot of gambling occurs in this manner "RNG is broken" theorist break out with samples of hands where they felt 'cheated.'

I argue they are being cheated but focus on the bad beats (results oriented) vs analysing the broader situational awareness (not results oriented)
  1. Site owners play on many Indian sites
  2. Site owners back players on their own sites
  3. Site owners encourage a structure that adds to their bottom line all the while serving a disguised product that appeals to the emotions (Which is fair. It is what marketing is for but there is no transparency)

Heck, you can't even see the number of rebuys a certain player has made. I couldn't find a way...shouldn't it just say next to the player's name?

I remember both the Absolute Poker scandals. I was there playing on that site then. I vividly remember the POTRIPPER epic threads on twoplustwo.

We all know what happened to the last site that offered multi-entries and re-buys.....Fold Tilt Poker..

There is a thread on MTT Community that became a dedicated shrine for some time to hating the re-entries PokerStars introduced on Sundays for all majors and Bigs.

That is just one day of the week.

It does not matter whether you play poker as a recreational player or as a pro, Indian sites need to overhaul their structures, slash no. of rebuys and bring clarity to the tournament lobby as well as instate integrity into their sites by making sure no one who has a share in the site is allowed to interact with the players in unethical ways or let people from their companies play on their own site.

I will be playing a tournament on an Indian Tournament today on Spartan and one on Pokerbaazi, the site so proud of their software that it lets players involved or not involved in the hand make emojis that is just the tiniest part of this huge...
Angle shoot of an Indian Poker Exploitative landscape.
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