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Vikram Singh

Bankroll Management

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This post should stop right here:

but then a few hands later...

Ok stop now....

At first I thought don't tease that thought, I really don't need that thought but I will pour this thought on this page.

I am pretty saddened to see the Indian Poker Scene. There are no good players beating games on the most difficult site. I think the knowledge about Bankroll Management is entirely missing. Players who are great are being turned into mediocre ones because their ABI is too high.

I heard someone on Poker Rajas podcast saying how they played 1$ sngs with 100$ and that was the adopted BRM.
That is simply too high. They shouldn't have been playing anything above 50c with 1$-2$ being 'shots' and not the regular schedule.

I saw this with WCOOP. I am critical of my own performance and I can always say "I cashed 3/27 events" and rest was variance but I don't excuse bad play and tbh I played many events rather badly.

The problem is that it takes a lot of effort to play your A game over and over again. The cream of the cream make mistakes and we are just little seasoned chickens, far from awesome but sadly, we don't approach with caution....

I did not hurt my BR because 7K in Buy Ins was cut to 2.5K by my coach. He also stopped me several times from taking shots at 530s and 1Ks despite winning a 1K satty. He stopped me from playing the 5.2K ME because I couldn't sell the amount I wanted to but still wanted to pull the trigger. He put water on those 'hoodlum dreams' as he called them.

You can be the best player but if you don't play within your means, it will affect your strategy and variance will ketchup to everyone, and us little seasoned chickens are gonna a burn into tasteless roast when too much of that ketchup, I meant variance, pours on us, hot on the grill.

So ignorant is the marketplace that some guy who wanted to stake me saw a post I made where I talked about 10K downswings in 33$ MTTs in spite of a 30%+ ROI. He couldn't fathom how that can happen....well, meet and greet it......because it would be pretty crazy if it didn't happen.

There is nothing too it. It is a simple math problem. I will not delve into the math of it but will not hold back on the answer. Play 300 Buy Ins deep.

No stress. Your game does not need a pouring of 'holy water' it just needs some security that you purchase by giving up your EV in 'dream maker' high BI high GTD low runner MTTs. If you don't purchase that insurance, you are going to slip into a spiral of ever so higher percentages sold in your packs.

OTOH, you are going to be a genius if you stop thinking with your **** and practised some humble.
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