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Vikram Singh

Ain't no point in playing it safe; know your 'roll' better state your case

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The title of this blog is just a play on words of a verse in a song that goes like this:

Ain't no point in playin' it safe
Gotta know your role, better state your case
When it all falls down better know your place
Just gimme three feet and an ounce of
Space, space, space
Space, you should wanna embrace
Space, space, space
"Discovery. Go at throttle up."

- Space by Dizzee Rascal in his new album Raskit. Check it out, it's a banger.

Coming back to Earth and talking about poker, I was 50BB deep in the Monday 22$ mini 6-max feeling great and then I lost AA to QQs, it didn't sting as much as the next hand which took place less than an orbit after the AA hand that pegged me down to 12BB.

Chance to run it up to 90BB with pocket Aces deep in a tourney but getting 2-outtered on the flop to leave you with 10-12BB isn't as bad as being river'd for GG when you thought the comeback was ON.

But I'm smiling. I think I made some mistakes, played some great spots and got good value when the opportunities came.

Reason for the smile - this is MTTs. and hello variance. OMG! it actually jut happened. Like seconds ago, check the timestamp etc. -

I'm still smiling because I got a truck on which you can load 400-500 of these cheeseburgers. It's all you can eat with me.

I thought I was still on my A game and had more tournament lined up. Was also preparing to take a shot at Bounty Builder $162 because the $109 4k got cancelled.

Then this happened-

It's not the worst play ever but when I looked at it again, I realised I don't even defend this hand when I am on the money game, playing my best! I unregistered the upcoming tournaments immediately.

It was not that I was tilting, I mean look, I waited for a spot, it came, but hard to beat Quad 5s -

The reason I quit the upcoming games was simple and had nothing to do with my poker experience or anything related to that. It was the 'hot and cold mind' thinking that was creeping in. The thought of bounties - instant gratification. That's the cold mind thinking. You are not presented with the stimulus yet, it's round the corner and you know you will deal with it optimally.

I have read about it and I know this feeling well. I lost 30kg, over 3 years and since then have been on the path that lead to full recovery of my back, now lifting heavy weights and gaining some fat and muscle in the process.

I don't look like I go to the gym but ask this Haryana goon who threwdown a 3 arm wrestling match when Singh got in a spat with Gujjars, who upon learning I lift, and the fact that they were on their way to the gym started flexing some dumb broceps in my face, the decision was made - winner decides how to proceed. "Let's get on with our lives" or "ring ring One Hundred more of his kind"

I won 3-zip with my weaker right arm. The secret is the grip and where the leverage comes from - something I learned from the doctor who put me on the course to fix my back. It's quite technical, knowing the right grip, core stiffness, concentrating on hyper extending the opponent's wrist instead of lateral movement to floor his arm. That part is easy when you accomplish the first.

Sounds sensational but it really happened. Swear down on my mumzy and you can ask Sharad Rao, how dearly I love her.

The 'hot thinking' or the 'acid test' is when that piece of cake is in front of your eyes and your aim is to lose weight. Can you cope with that cognitive dissonance aka do you have the willpower to forego instant gratification and look at the long term?

I don't always recognise this state of mind but my spidey senses start tingling when presented with the scenario more than they used to.

It is one thing to 'feel confident' and another to imagine 'good outcomes' so whenever you make a mistake of bust a tournament and it felt 'unjust' but you think you can make it up with the next tourney around the corner' or any version of this sort of thinking - just remember it is your cold mind thinking.

There are tournaments everyday - when I used to get hunger cravings I would tell myself - breakfast is only 10 hrs away but MTT schedules run 24/ take a break, think about your thinking, as far as we know, this complex meta thinking only exists in humans - freaking use it!

I still haven't really explained why I am smiling after some bad beats - well the first reason everyone knows, you yourself dish bad beats out, but your mind sort of forgets them. They are boom'd only within the hermitage of your brain.

The second and most important reason I am smiling is that I do not have 90$ in my Bankroll or 900$.... Let's just say I have more than enough to be able to take spots like these..

So a -250$ session, a Break-Even session or a +250$ sesh or a long downswing doesn't faze me.

I can play the winning way because I can take several thousands of these spots and what I have in my Bankroll has nothing to do with it.

So practice practice practice, think think think about what you are thinking. Play it safe with your Bank roll so you can play your best even when your mind is tuned slightly towards the sub-optimal.

Cliffs: don't let your ego or pride take control, play within your means, practice humble before you peak.
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