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Shuchi Chamaria

Vegas summer 2017

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Another summer comes to an end, leaving behind bittersweet memories of near bubbling and bad beats. So much had changed for me since last year, I am swimming with the sharks now. The series started off with the biggest event of the summer, the 10000$ tag team event, My other team mates all had 10 years of experience each and big scores, I was the 12th man in our 4 person team, and dint get to play much.

The next was the 1k tag team event, my partner was Vikram “lungi” Kumar, and his heart is bigger than his stature. It was a big day for both of us, we grinded it out with dignity and sweating profusely in the -5degree Celsius Brasilia room. We held fort with 20 bbs or more till dinner break with players like Joe Tehan on our left and Mukul Pahuja on our right. I was the one to bust our team, Pahuja’s raised sb we defended our bb with J9o and he finally stacked me on a J high board with KJ. Huge shout out and an official apology to my amazing team partner for busting 20 away from the money.
The event dint end in disappointment though as our very own Aditya “sushi” Sushuant and Nupin Java took it down. The bracelet ceremony was a very proud moment for us, since it was early on in the summer our Indian delegation was very small, but we stood proud hand in hand as 1000+ people stood up for the Indian national anthem in the amazon room. I thought I was looking very girly wiping the silent tear rolling down my cheek, when I looked up to see all Indians crying like it was the climax of the movie ‘Lagaan’. Well, this is like winning the Oscar, and I thank these guys for making it possible.

I was getting a lot of help from our amazing housemates, they are all accomplished players in their right and it was amazing that I could discuss hands with all of them and get different perspectives and suggestions. I would pick their brains whenever anyone was trying to have a free moment. A big thanks to Chris, Russ, Joe, Alex, Dave and Terry you guys were amazing.
I finally managed to bag chips at the millionaire maker, and then cash 662/7000+ players, making it my first WSOP cash ever. Adi was ecstatic, I was disappointed. He thought I did well, I thought I could do better, and this happened after every tourney through out the summer (except sometimes, when we both though I goofed up.)

I would run deep in tournaments on most of the days, hang around the casino during dinner break and eventually bust 20-30 away from the money.
I also stone cold bubbled a 600$ tournament at aria, 48 paid and I busted 49th with over 30 bigs. My trips ran into a full house, I am pretty sure this is what a catastrophe feels like. I just wanted to go lie down at the bottom of the swimming pool.
Bad beats are like war wounds, and what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger.

The summer rapidly flew by, as all the poker players saw time only on their ‘bravo clock’, and we grew accustomed to 13 hour work days, the only time of the year when these players actually wear socks and shoes and “go to work” instead of sitting at home in front of their screens.
Over a 100,000 players from 107 countries came together for the 47th year of the World Series of Poker. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to be a part of this melting pot of cultures, where everyone speaks the same language of check, call and raise.

I would also like to thank for putting their faith into me, and I hope to make them proud soon.
We are off to Hard Rock Seminole in the next week, more from there later, till then get rich on
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