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#back2basics - Health? What’s that bro?

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In my recent trip to Goa I caught up with a very dear friend and who I consider one of the best cash game players in India . During our conversation about poker and health and other fun stuff we came to the conclusion that if we take poker out of our lives our lifespan would increase by at-least 10 years.

Now poker has given a lot of us a new life, a better life or just something to dream about (winning a bracelet, main event, whatever) but what is the cost we are paying in order to achieve all this?

I have been a BIG guy all my life, so people don't notice my weight gain that quickly. Round to rounder isn’t such a huge difference. But I have seen and noticed my dear friends from the circuit go from Concave to Convex in a matter of a couple of years.

We as a community are the most rationally thinking people out there. Rational thinking is our job. We know that the lifestyle is extremely unhealthy, still we don't give a damn about what it does to us or our health.

Let me give you my example. I have tried pretty much every diet out there. I have tried to worked out and I just gave up. Its not because it wasn't working I did lose a lil bit of weight, but I was just freaking lazy. Nothing else. Just lazy.

We watch every Galfond video out there, still skip the one in which he talks about health and how beneficial it is to play optimally. I remember a blog from a dear friend and one of the top tourney regs in India about how he wasn't able to focus after the 13 hr mark because he started getting back aches and just fatigued. During my APPT run in Macau back in 2011, day 3 ended after almost 16 hours of play. But I dint feel tired and I could just keep going. I don't know if I will be able to do that again today.

In all these years of being a pro what I have realized is that keeping and staying fit is the most +EV poker decision you can ever make as a pro. It just keeps you better motivated to perform. I am starting a program to help me with keeping fit ( not losing weight) and want to go ahead from there.

We have taken those beats thinking I will win in the long run. The least you can do is to be alive to see the long run. Else, Pan chewing uncle – 1. You – 0.
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  7. Kadokneew's Avatar
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