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Young Guns and the Legendary Online Grind in Mumbai
April 6, 2014, 13:18:13
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Our young guns have been the talk of the poker town this last month. It all started with Aditya ‘donkab0mber’ Sushant shipping the inaugural THOS main event in Bangalore. Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain followed it up bagging the DR Cup Main Event title the following week. The party has since shifted to Mumbai where Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain is hosting fellow pros – Sahil ‘antilog’ Agarwal and Aditya Sushant. Also joining these regular late night grinds are local young guns – Kanishka ‘kanishka27’ Samant and Kavish ‘kavishk’ Kukreja.

The group grind seems to be working its magic with the team already getting a string of deep runs and several big scores. Winning the Big $109 on PokerStars is no mean feat but the team managed to ship it on consecutive days, yes you heard that right! Sushant won ‘The PokerStars Big $109, $80K GTD’ tournament on Thursday and Kavish Kukreja scored the double whammy by winning the same event the very next day. Amit Jain too has been running good and scored $5,092 by winning ‘The PokerStars Hot $109 [Turbo], $10K GTD’ on Saturday afternoon.

                                           Young Guns in Action at the Saturday Night Online Group Grind              

                 ( From left to right - Kanishka Samant, Amit Jain, Aditya Sushant,  Kavish Kukreja, Sahil Agarwal)

We caught up with the young guns in Mumbai; here is what they had to say on the online group grind.

Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain: “Its been just so much fun .... we`ve been helping each other and discussing every hand when someone`s deep and we have been railing so hard like its our own final table .... I feel after this we all will come out as slightly better players.”

Sahil ‘antilog’ Agarwal: “Really happy for Kavish. He's been getting really close lotta times finally he closed it - students of intervntion pulling off an intervention.”

“HUGE shoutout to you guys... great job.!

Now all this time, I was sitting besides most of these guys watching them bink. And let me tell you, it was not an easy ride for any of them. Some drunk stationing (in the zone calldowns), some levelling wars and the rest is pure OWNAGE. So much to learn everytime you grind with others and watch them play,” blogged Sahil. Read his blog here.

Kanishka ‘kanishka27’ Samant: “It`s the Optimal Grind House. Grind House where Kavish trips on Sunny Leone's baby doll number. Oh yeah..once we all started winning hands in a row so Kavish didnt wanna change the song. The chances are high, feeling the run good factor Sushi and anti will be here through the weekend so will be a lot of fun or sure, except for the bombay boys we have some excellent visiting pros.”

Kavish ‘kavishk’ Kukreja: “Bigger and better things in store and hopefully poker gods continue to be kind.”

Aditya ‘donkab0mber’ Sushant:“Grind been rly amazing. We started in Goa when we were there for the DR cup. Had an amazing 2-3 day grind ending with most of us playing the WCOOP 2k. Now we're here in Mum. We've been grinding this week and have had some rly good scores. We won the big 109 back 2 back, first me then Kavish. Amit won the hot 109 just today morning (Saturday).So it’s been crazy good times all of us chilling together and grinding. Atmosphere has been terrific and every time we've had a deep run the rail has been sick.”

Good luck boys, keep shipping!

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