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PokerGuru Gossip Column: Doug Polk Challenges Tom Dwan to $5 Million Heads-Up Match & Rival Poker Operator Behind Brooklyn Building Fire Case
September 12, 2017, 00:21:46
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PokerGuru has always endeavored to bring readers, all the news and developments about poker. Only poker buffs can understand the thrill and importance of keeping abreast with all poker records and statistics.

However, all work and no play makes for a dull life! Keeping in mind the need for lighthearted fun, we are back again with Gossip from this unique world!

In this edition of our Gossip Column, we first speak about high-stakes poker pro Doug Polk throwing an open challenge to Tom “durrr” Dwan to compete in a heads-up duel for $5 million and we also bring you the tale of how an organized crime syndicate was behind a Brooklyn building fire case that happened last year.


Doug Polk Challenges Tom Dwan For $5 Million Heads-Up Match

High-stakes poker pro Doug Polk has thrown an open challenge to Tom “durrr” Dwan inviting him to play in a live heads-up contest for $5 million.

Polk said on his YouTube channel last week that he is keen to play Dwan, who was one of the stars back in his heyday, before Black Friday ended the run. However, just weeks ago, Dwan made his long-awaited return to cash games in the US with an appearance on the rebooted “Poker After Dark” TV program.

Polk even poked Dwan at the end of the video saying “On a serious note, Tom let me know if you want to play.”

Polk even tweeted about the same from his official handle –

It will be interesting to see if Dwan accepts the challenge as rumors already say that he has played single pots worth $30 million on the Asian circuit. But this challenge will be real tough as Polk is one of the game’s most feared heads-up players, competing and winning against a world-class poker bot back in 2015.

It`s also a fact that the two players do not share friendly relations. Polk had called out Dwan for alleged gambling debts earlier in March. Even before that, Dan “jungleman” Cates said that Dwan “gambled beyond his means.”

Cates has been pressing Dwan to resume their long dormant “Durrrr Challenge” that was supposed to award Cates $1.5 million from a side bet (assuming Dwan didn’t come back and beat him). Cates said last month that Dwan has paid him more than half-a-million dollars in penalties, however, according to Polk, Cates was “scammed” by Dwan.

In a way, it might be a calculated challenge thrown by Polk as he recently won the 2017 $111,111 buy-in High Roller for One Drop to secure his third WSOP title and the top prize of $3,686,865.


Rival Poker Game Operator Behind Brooklyn Fire Case

More than a year after fire destroyed a building in Brooklyn, the government came out with its probe reports stating that the incident was the result of an attempt to stop a competing poker game run by members of an Eastern European organized crime syndicate.

A 33-page indictment revealed that a group of men torched the building in the early morning hours of May 2, 2016 where the poker game was organized on the ground floor. Fortunately, there were no causalities in the blaze, although two residents of the building and five firefighters got injured.

Five of the six accused men are in custody, while one remains at large. Four of the men face charges related to the fire, while remaining two for other mob-related crimes.

The government said that defendants Viktor Zelinger, Vyacheslav Malkeyev, Leonid Gershman and Aleksey Tsvetkov targeted the building located at 2220 Voorhies Avenue in Brooklyn because it competed with their “high-stakes” illegal games at 2663 Coney Island Avenue.

All the men, with ages ranging from 28 to 39, are looking at decades in prison, respectively, if convicted of the alleged crimes that include assaults in aid of racketeering, extortion and unlawful firearms dealing.

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