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MPC 26: Alan Lau Slays The Red Dragon, Apoorva Goel Finishes Third For INR 1 Crore
February 18, 2017, 14:25:33
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Alan Lau (cover image) has entered the history books for winning the largest freezeout event ever in the Asia-Pacific region when he took down the Red Dragon Main Event at Macau Poker Cup (MPC) 26 yesterday!

30-year old Hong Kong pro Alan Lau topped a record field of 1,216 players in the MPC Red Dragon Main Event taking home the top prize of HK$3,265,000. Lau, the 2015 Asia Player of the Year became the 26th Red Dragon slayer and will continue to lead this year’s Asia Player of the Year standings too.

India`s Apoorva Goel had made it to the final day sixth in chips, and was in contention to become the first Indian to slay the Red Dragon but it was not to be. Goel made a strong start but eventually fell short, finishing third for a whopping HK$1,163,000 (~INR 1 crore) in prize money – the largest score by an Indian-ever in this event.

Apoorva Goel

                                             Apoorva Goel

With this finish, Goel surpassed Abhishek Goindi`s record cash of HK$1,056,500 at this same event in February 2012 where he finished runner-up to Nicky Jin. This is the fourth time an Indian has final tabled the Red Dragon Main Event, the other two being Sailesh Lohia who finished 7th at MPC 18 for HK$262,000 and Akash Malik who took fifth place at MPC 20 for HK$430,000.

Team India`s trailblazing run at the series continues with three Indians making Day 2 in the HK$80,000 High Roller. We have Shashank Rathi (248,500 chips), Raghav Bansal (65,500 chips) and Shashank Jain (41,000 chips), all making it to the final day of the event today!


Red Dragon Main Event – Final Table

The dream of an Indian slaying the Red Dragon will have to wait till next edition with the sole Indian on the final table – Apoorva Goel finishing in third place for HK$1,163,000 (~INR 1 Crore).

In total, 144 players made it in the money to share the HK$15,923,520 prize pool with many notable names in contention like PokerStars Team Pros Celina Lin Jake Cody, PokerStars Team Online Pro Randy Lew, Bryan Huang, Tom Alner, Kitty Kuo, Louis Salter, Dong Guo, JP Kelly.

From the above, only PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody managed to make much headway, finishing in the top 30.

Goel came to the nine-handed final table sixth in chips and took a good two hours before we saw some action from him. The hand in question saw Goel move allin from the cut-off seat with card 1 card 3 and he got the call from Jun Liu`s card 1 card 2. Goel got lucky with an Ace opening on the board and doubled up.

Not much later, Jun Liu and Goel got involved in another all-in situation where Liu open shoved from under-the-gun seat holding card 1 card 1 and Goel made the call with card 2 card 2. Poker gods were not so kind on Goel this time and he doubled up Liu.

Soon thereafter, Liu was eliminated in 9th place and Goel packed off China's Zhen Wen at eighth place. Action saw Goel opening the pot for 220,000 from the cut-off seat and Wen decided to push his 1.5 million stack in the middle. Zhen was ahead preflop with his card 3 card 3 against Apoorva's card 1 card 3 but the board card 1 card 1 card 3 card 2 card 3 opened the nut straight for Goel.

Climbing up fast in chips, Goel started to flex his big stack to his advantage and took some chips from Chien Fa Chou to become the third largest stack on the final table.

Goel then lost a sizeable pot where he doubled up the short stacked Liang Xu. Xu shoved with card 3 card 1 and Goel called off with card 1 card 3 and got no help on the board. Goel came down to 3.8 million in chips.

The next few eliminations saw Liang Xu (6th for HK$411,500) followed by the last remaining American player Edwin Gerard (5th for HK$570,000) falling out of the race to become the Red Dragon Champion!

Yang Zhang hit the rails in 4th place (HK$840,000) and now the event was down to 3 players.

The remaining players even paused the clock to discuss a deal but couldn’t agree upon one.

30 mins later Apoorva Goel was eliminated by Alan Lau. Lau raised to 500,000 in the small blind before Goel three-bet jammed from the big blind for 2.9 million. Lau made a quick call with card 1 card 1 and Goel tabled card 2 card 3. Goel got no help from the board card 2 card 1 card 1 card 1 card 3 and he finished in the 3rd place for HK$1,163,000 (~INR 1 crore)

Apoorva Goel

                                               Alan Lau and Apoorva Goel

Taiwan's Chien Fa Chou and Hong Kong`s Alan Lau – the two chip leaders at the start of the final table were the final two players left to battle it out for the title.

Chou went into heads-up play with approximately the same 4 million chips he started the day with, while Lau who had been dominating the final table since 6-handed play had started came into the duel with 20 million in chips.

The final result was of no surprise as ten hands later Lau sealed the title. Chou moved all-in for around 4 million and Lau tank called.

Chien Fa Chou card 3 card 2

Alan Lau card 1 card 1

The board ran the card 1 card 2 card 3 card 1 card 2 and Lau took down the title for HK$3,265,000 making his largest live cash and nearly double of his previous total live cashes.

Lau's win also ends an eight-year drought for Hong Kong. The autonomous territory hadn't claimed a Red Dragon title since Wing Cheong Chong's win in December 2008.

Final Table Results (HKD)

1. Alan Lau - $3,265,000

2. Chien Fa Chou - $1,954,000

3. Apoorva Goel - $1,163,000

4. Yang Zhang - $840,000

5. Edwin Gerard - $570,000

6. Liang Xu - $411,500

7. Bobby Zhang - $348,000

8. Chou Zhen - $300,500

9. Jun Liu - $253,720


Event 22: HK$80,000 High Roller

The HK$80,000 High Roller event attracted a total of 130 entries (108 uniques + 22 re-entries) creating a total prize pool of HK$9,682,400.

Three Indian`s are playing Day 2 today - Shashank Rathi (248,500), Raghav Bansal (65,500) and Shashank Jain (41,000).

Stay tuned on PokerGuru for the latest updates from MPC 26.

Images and Content courtesy: PokerStars Blog

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