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DPT February 2017: Imran Khan Takes Down Main Event For INR 28.3 Lakhs
February 27, 2017, 17:30:25
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Mohammad Imran Khan (cover image) was crowned champion of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) February Edition 35K Main Event for INR 28.3 Lakhs. The Delhi lad who is primarily an online player was playing his first live tournament and as fate would have it, he ended up shipping the event for a cool ₹28.3 Lakhs. Neelabh Baranga finished runner-up, and pocketed ₹17.3 Lakhs.

Even as the Main Event played its finale,the second last day of the DPT February edition saw the conclusion of the 15K bounty event with Banman Warr taking top honors and the winning purse of ₹7.2 Lakhs.


Main Event Recap

Day 1 of the event saw 303 players signing up for the event, leading to a prize pool of ₹1.05 crores that would eventually be shared among thetop 30 finishers.

The second and final day of play went on at furious pace yesterday. It was Bengaluru-based poker pro Madan Kumar leading the stacks with 240K followed by Rahul Byraju (196K), Sailesh Lohia (192K) and Kulvinder Jolly (187K).

As the game entered Level 18 two hours later, only 33 players were left in contention and within an hour Keshav Chadha bubbled the main event in a 3-way all-in pot. Kanishka Samant opened and Masood Shaikh moved all-in from the button. Keshav Chadha who had only 5000 behind went all-in by default and Samant called.

Keshav Chadha: card 3card 3

Masood Shaikh: card 3card 2

Kanishka Samant: card 3card 3 

The board opened card 3card 2card 3card 3card 2 and Samant won the pot with his two pairs making Keshav the bubble boy of the event, while Masood Shaikh finished in 30th place.

The eliminations continued unabated with Nishant Sharma (29th place), Abhisek Panda (28th place) and Abhishek Goindi (27th place) all joining the railbirds.

Next to hit the rails was Haresh Kukreja who finished in 26th place when he open shoved for 79,000 holding card 3card 3 and Imran Khan called off with card 1 card 2. The board bricked out and Khan won the pot with higher kicker to eliminate Kukreja.

Vaibhav Sharma, Amar Katharani, Amit Tejura and Jujhar Kochhar were next to go out.

Phanindra Akkina was another player consolidating his position, as he busted Shantanu Aditya. Aditya open shoved with card 2card 3 and Akkina snap called tabling card 3card 1. Nothing changed on the board and Akkina took down the pot.

Day 1 chip leader Madan Kumar managed to make it in the money but fell short of the final table as he went out at 19th place. He moved all-in with card 3card 3 and Abhinav Ayer made the call with card 3card 3. The board completed a full house for Ayer, eliminating Kumar in the process.  

Another player climbing up the ranks was Neelabh Baranga as he took two busts together. The hand in question saw Phanindra Akkina moving allin from under-the-gun with card 3card 3 and action folded to Rahul Byraju who shoved with card 3card 3. Baranga who had the other two covered, made the call with card 3card 3 and was on top as the board ran card 2card 2card 3card 3card 3. Byraju and Akkina were railed at 14th and 15th place respectively.

After the elimination of Pavan Jain, the official nine-handed final table was formed around 9pm.


Final Table Recap

Imran Khan was leading the way with 997,000 in chips with Neelabh Baranga holding steady at second place with 725,000.  Ankush Aryan rounded up the top three stacks with 679,000.

Final Table Chip Counts

Imran Khan- 997,000

Neelabh Baranga - 725,000

Ankush Aryan- 679,000

Ratul Bhat- 654,000

Abhinav Iyer- 416,000

Atul Nagpal- 384,000

Vidwath Shetty- 290,000

Monish Kumar- 201,000

Sujit Sachidanand- 201,000

It was Imran Khan who took an aggressive stance early on and eliminated Ratul Bhat in ninth place.

The next elimination was also taken by Khan and he busted Vidwath Shetty at eighth place. Action saw Khan open raising for 50,000 and Shetty 3-bet it to 130k, Shetty called. The flop opened card 3card 1card 3 and Khan announced all-in with card 3card 3. Shetty made the call with a dominant card 2card 1. Khan was drawing thin but got there on the rundown card 3card 2 by rivering a straight to eliminate Shetty in eighth place.

Abhinav Iyer was the next casualty and went out at seventh place by Neelabh Baranga. Ankush Aryan then emerged to take out two players in one go. Sujit Sachidanand moved all-in and the short-stacked Atul Nandi Nagpal made the call. Aryan who had the other two covered joined the action with a call.

Sujit Sachidanand: card 3card 3

Ankush Aryan: card 1card 2

Atul Nandi Nagpal: card 1card 1

Aryan’s pocket queens held on to eliminate Nandi in sixth place and Sachidanand in fifth place respectively.

Ankush Aryan exited at fourth place courtesy Monish Kumar. Kumar did not last much longer and bowed out at third place to set up the heads-up match.

Imran Khan had a dominating 3 to 1 chip lead with 3.2 million in chips over Neelabh Baranga’s 1.2 million stack. After a long heads-up battle lasting for more than one hour Khan would emerge the champion!

The last hand of the tournament saw Baranga moving all-in with card 3card 3 and Khan called with card 3card 1. The board ran the card 3card 3card 3card 3card 1 and Imran took down the pot with his pocket tens. Khan banked INR 28.3 Lakhs as the top prize while Baranga pocketed INR 17.3 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

Emraan Khan

                                                Imran Khan

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Imran Khan - ₹28,35,000 

2. Neelabh Baranga – ₹17,32,500

3. Monish Kumar – ₹11,55,000

4. Ankush Aryan – ₹84,0,000

5. Sujit Sachidanand – ₹7,35,000

6. Atul Nandi Nagpal – ₹5,77,500

7. Abhinav Ayer – ₹4,72,500

8. Vidwath Shetty – ₹3,15,000

9. Ratul Bhat – ₹1,83,750

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